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Libretta(r) is a breakthrough technology which automatically uncovers what is motivating people when they write.  It gives you tips on the words and phrases to use when you reply. 

This has never been done before.

Libretta(r) is available on a limited basis for trial.

Click here to email if you are interested in a trial version.

Libretta(r) can help you reduce communication problems on your high-stakes email.  You can avoid 2 kinds of issues:

  • misunderstandings that take multiple emails or phone conversations to resolve
  • conflicts, annoyances and lost opportunities, caused by using the wrong words for a particular person.

Featured recently on CBC radio: Click here to listen

Libretta(r) helps you achieve your desired results via email communication by helping you write to fit your correspondents' ways of thinking, getting motivated and decision-making.

You can use Libretta(r) for 3 different purposes:

  1. To analyse the motivation behind an incoming email, and get recommendations for phrases to use or avoid in your answer.
  2. To assess your draft answer to check how well it fits an incoming email.
  3. To assess an email you are composing.

How does it work?

It is as easy as Spell Check.

Out of the many emails you receive in a day, a small number require some thinking to avoid miscommunications and to ensure you get across the right message. For these emails:
  1. You click on the Libretta(r) button. You get an analysis of the sender's Motivation Triggers, suggested phrases to use and avoid, and the Accuracy Indicator scale to let you know how accurately Libretta(r) has analysed the incoming email.
  1. You draft your response and click on the Libretta(r) button again. Libretta(r) analyses your response against the incoming email, gives you a Fit Score to let you know how well your email fits the incoming one, with suggestions for how to improve if needed.
  1. When you are satisfied with your response, click send.

You can also click the Libretta(r) button to analyse how an email you are composing comes across.

How do you know it really works?

Libretta(r) uses algorithms to identify the key words and phrases that signify how the writer is thinking, what motivates him/her and how he/she is likely to make decisions. The algorithms have been developed in conjunction with the Computational Linguistics department of the German Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and Shelle Rose Charvet, author of the international bestseller Words That Change Minds.

While text analysis and "data mining" are not new, Libretta(r) represents the first time that these kinds of psychological patterns have been made identifiable.

Libretta(r) takes the guesswork out of how to answer your important email.

Technical Information


To use Libretta(r) you will need Outlook 2007/2010 for Windows. 

Libretta(r) communicates with a secure web service, which runs in a secure Libretta(r) project environment.

For more information:

Shelle Rose Charvet
+1 905 639- 6468